I have been training with Darin for over 3 years I went from 216 LBS to 185 LBS, Body fat from 26.5% to 12% I took high blood medication for over 30 years, not any more! Now I am 70 years young.
Thank you Darin
Tommy N.

  Darin helped me change my life!  I had all but given up on getting back into shape and getting healthy again, but in just 3½ months of training with him and following the customized eating and supplement plan he laid out for me, I’ve lost 27 lbs and gone down 2 full sizes in my jeans. Not to mention the 100 point drop in my cholesterol!  I’ve never been healthier and I’ve never felt better.  ​
Thanks Darin!
Joanna K.


I was doing a workout program at home and I was doing well for the first 3 months and then I hit a plateau. My husband suggested I start going to NEXT LEVEL to change up my routine. And that’s all it took to kick start my metabolism again. Trying Cross Fit training was new and extremely challenging. I was soon to be turning 50 and I wanted to be healthy and fit when I hit it. I just recently started working with Brenda, and at first I had a concern working with a female trainer. I wasn’t sure she would push me hard enough. That concern went right out the window after 5 minutes into our first workout. She understands my personal goals and sets my workouts accordingly. She changes it up every week so I’m never bored. And she increases the intensity so I’m constantly challenged. Just since starting with Brenda I have lost an additional 4 lbs and 4 total inches.
I love the one on one you get at
NEXT LEVEL and would recommend if you are ready to start working out, that you start here!

Stacy F.

I have been training with Darin for 2 1/2 years and it is the best thing I have done for myself!  He constantly changes things up, keeping the workouts challenging and fun.  He has managed to keep me motivated and I actually look forward to my training sessions.  I never thought that was possible!  It has been so beneficial for both my body and mind!  I highly recommend Darin and his team.

Tracy S.

 Darin, thank you for keeping me motivated. My Bone Density Study increased almost 7% improvement without medications nor Calcium supplements since I started  working out under your supervision. This is amazing and life changing for me!

Thank you again.
Cris P.

  Darin has been my trainer for more than a year.  He understands how to mold a program into each and every session.  Each session is different then the last to diversify the program and keep it fresh and new, without sacrificing results.  He is patient and considerate of my time by being true to an appointment schedule.  If you are looking for a personal and professional training facility with terrific instructors...LOOK NO FURTHER!
David G.​

 I joined NEXT LEVEL in October’14 with the goal of losing 30 lbs and getting in overall better shape. In the first 8 weeks, I have dropped 25 lbs and my energy level has increased. Darin and his staff have been great. They take the time to understand your needs and goals and then design a program that not only challenges you physically, they will outline the proper foods for your body so you can maximize your hard work and see results. The workouts are never boring and the friendly atmosphere makes it a great place. I will still continue to come even after hitting my goals. I would highly recommend NEXT LEVEL Personal Training.
Michael F​.

 I have never looked or felt better than since I started working out with Darin at his studio. The atmosphere is friendly, and the workouts are always challenging.  I have also had the pleasure to work with Darin Jr and he is great also.  Always mixing things up totally gets results. The nutrition guidance is the part that guarantees results.  Both go hand in hand, and you get it all here!
Diana P.

I have been working with Darin's team for the last couple of years, more specifically with Blake. Blake has been a great trainer and has made me much stronger. We have a lot of fun together and have great workouts. He makes sure my form is good and that my nutrition plan is on track. I would recommend the
NEXT LEVELteam any day!
Tracy B.

​ I made the appointment with Darin because, even though I had just lost over 30lbs (through a juice fast and then healthy diet), I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and severe disk degeneration in my lower back.  I am 49 years old and somehow, I knew that if I didn't start moving now, I might never be fully pain free and mobile.  Darin took on the challenge of putting together routines for me that gradually built strength while not aggravating my back and hip.  I live with daily pain, but it is absolutely manageable because I am strong!  His knowledge and commitment enabled us to work through injuries and weaknesses.  I have lost an additional 40lbs and added a lot of muscle.  I do not look or feel like the same person.  The only thing that would keep me from recommending Darin is that I want to make sure that he continues to be around for me!  LOL!  Darin supports me to stay on a path where I can achieve health AND a toned body. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears," Darin continues to be an awesome teacher!  I recommend
NEXT LEVEL without reservation to anyone who feels that they are ready :)
Rosanne C.

My boyfriend and I pretty much came to Darin as a final attempt to getting into shape.  A friend of mine had achieved some amazing results through them so we figured it couldn’t hurt to try. We had already been through a number of different diets and exercise routines with little to no results. Their personal training and mean plan have made all the difference. We see real results and feel so much healthier and happier.  We are so thankful to have found them and are
finally on the right track!
Seema F.

 I've been training with Darin for a month.  I already see a real difference in my body and energy levels from his training techniques, his nutritional tips and suggested supplements. Training is a one-on-one personalized experience. It's tough but fun!  I finally actually look forward to working out.  I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great trainer!
Maria C.

I joined
NEXT LEVEL in August and Darin is just wonderful. He and his staff listen and study your problem (or what you want to achieve with their help).  I had severe knee problems (had physical therapy for months, acupuncture and cortisone shot) and still walked with pain.  Darin worked slowly with me to now walking with no pain and nearly skipping with glee.  I have also lost weight and feel healthy for the first time in a very long time. I am 65 years old and thank Darin for changing my life!
Mary V.

 If you're intimidated by a gym - this is the place for you.  With its one-on-one friendly atmosphere, I (and you will too) actually looked forward to my sessions.  I'll be honest, I've tried almost everything but Darin made working out fun!  More important, I saw results!  So if you are tired of your old routine and looking for something better, check out
NEXT LEVEL.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed - that is unless you don't check him out.  I liked it so much, I purchased more sessions. I'm hooked on getting healthy and you will be too!
Dana W.

  During my FIRST phone call, Darin took the time to speak to me about my goals, my history and what I wanted his help in accomplishing.  Setup the first meeting and purchased the supplement, there was nothing surprising. You're not joining a gym, your hiring a personal trainer to achieve your goals.  Let me tell you, I'm doing just that and it's because of  Darin. Dropping body fat and inches, toning up and building endurance.  I wasn't in terrible shape before but I needed some guidance. Everything I signed up for I'm getting. Go see this guy. He's the real deal and a great guy as well.  Workouts are hardcore and I really look forward to them at 5:30AM.
Elia S.

The level of commitment and determination in Darin is crazy awesome. Every time I go in I know I'm going to get my @$$ kicked but in the end I know it's worth it. Everyday is a new chapter in life for me and I have Darin to thank for it. He doesn't get mad when you mess up a bit but instead gives you advice on how to fix what you need to fix in the future. And when you do what you need to do he offers great feedback showing how happy he is that your putting the work in; and that's the key, if you put the work in you'll get 100% of Darin and his 100% is worth it. I feel like I don't go to see a trainer, I feel like I go see a


Mike W.