In Level 2, your trainer will increase your caloric intake with the right foods and more variety. This ensures you're losing fat, not lean muscle as you continue to follow your Fitness Program.

    When paired with our cutting edge strength training and cardio fitness programs, your personalizedNEXT LEVEL Meal Plan can help breakdown body fat stores, leading to fat loss, build muscle tissue and burn calories. We'll teach you how to eat out or cook at home and provide recipes and shopping lists to make meal planning simple. You get plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates so you're never giving up an entire food group and the best part you also get CHEAT DAYS, where we encourage you to eat all your favorite foods all in one day, thats right not just one cheat meal, but the entire day.

Level 3: KEEP IT OFF

  Once your goal weight has been achieved, you'll start Level 3. The purpose of this Level is to continue to emphasize healthy living and to use the knowledge gained through NEXT LEVEL to select foods more freely.

  Our team of  NEXT LEVEL Certified Sports Nutritionists will create a personalized meal plan, which is tailored to your individual body type, dietary restrictions and personal goals. Our Nutritional Program is rooted in Alternative/Homeopathic Medicine. More specifically, knowing what foods cause your body to function optimally, as well as what foods cause your body to malfunction. This information is critical to FAT LOSS and your overall health and fitness level. This can help you make informed and beneficial changes to your diet, for a complete holistic well-being. Our training facility provides you with the knowledge, encouragement and tools to build a successful healthy life style. 



  Designed to Detox and jump start weight loss in the first two weeks, Level 1 is easy, customizable and satisfying. This first level your trainer will teach you the importance of balancing proteins, carbs and fats, in addition encourage portion control, along with teaching healthy meal and snack choices.